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Updated on: April 11, 2007
Ask Jeeves
My Labatt's Crystal Collection. The beer I drank for years growing up in Southern Ontario. I lost the Stubby's. Am I missing any cans? Bottles?
Alpine is currently my favorite can to collect. The can on the left is a tough version without the word "Biere" above Alpine. As you can see mine is pretty spotty. The second can is a nice Flat Top I found in an Antique Store in New Brunswick.  The 3 Crowntainers are from my "New York " collection and are 3 of my favorite Crowntainers.
This is my Bulmer's collection..Not  Canadian but obvious for those who know me..I know I need a few of these.
Moosehead Flat Top
Two nice Holiday cans from O'Keefe Breweries.
My Iroquois cones and crowntainer.  Buffalo New York cans are my favorites in my New York Collection.
Diamond Lager brewed by Formosa ..I actually drank this as a youngster when it was brewed by Molson and Some of my favorite Buffalo Flat tops
3 Nice Zip tops from Buffalo..The Iroquois Indian Head is the International  Breweries Variration
Cincinnati Cream Ale Tray. British American Brewery , Windsor Ontario.
Capital Lager Tray
Dominion White Label Ale Tray
Kuntz's Old German Lager , Carling - Kuntz Breweries Limited
This page was last updated on: April 11, 2007
My latest additions in Feb 07. The Frontenac and Gold black Horse are FULL!!
Some Favorites from the Canadian collection
More Canadian Cones